Health Department Tales: Centinela Mexican Restaurant

The Centinela Mexican Restaurant at 215 W Bandera in Boerne, received a visit from the Health Inspector on 12/17/19. The inspection lasted from 10:17 am until 12:40 pm. The end result of the inspection was a score of 78, 22 demerits issued. There was a lot of the usual stuff we have reported on with other restaurants…like shelves rusted and needing to be replaced, employee’s not wearing facial restraints and shelves in the cooler with mold and food build up on them. Adding to that, there was mold, hair and grease on the shelves that stored pots. You know, all the usual suspects. But this time, the ice machine, that was observed with rust and mildew, was pronounced to be unfit to use until replaced or repaired, and approved by the county.

Then we move over to the automatic dishwasher that did not have a residual sanitizer in the final rinse. The three compartment sink, one of my favorite items in the kitchen, was also being used, but there was not a final rinse in the process and a large amount of soap observed in the sanitizing sink. Thermometers were not working in the grill drawers and the chest freezer thermometer was missing. How can you tell if the food is at its proper temp? You can’t.  Finally, the Health Inspector came face to face with two live roaches in the kitchen, one above the three compartment food sink and one on the table outside the walk-in cooler. The rear doors by the food sink were not sealed and could have provided an entry for the pests.

The Health Inspector was previously at Centinela’s on 11/21/19 and the score given on that date was a 74. On this visit, food was out of temperature in the walk-in cooler for more than four hours, so it was discarded. Chicken in the grill drawers was out of temp for more than four hours, it was trashed. The wait station cooler was only reading 44 degrees, must be at 41 or below. This unit can’t be used for TCS (Temperature Controlled for Safety) foods until repaired or replaced and inspected by The Kendall County Health Inspector.

Past inspections were July of 2019, score of 88 and March 2019 with an 85.

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