Health Department Tales: Bella Sera and Nelson City Dance Hall


Bella Sera

Bella Sera at 821 N. Main in Boerne earned a score of 91 on their last visit from The Health Department on September 24th, 2019. The restaurant was issued three demerits for food or ice obtained from an approved source and or the food in good condition and unadulterated. The ice machine was observed with mildew, the ice was discarded. Shelves in the walk in cooler were rusted and needed to be replaced. An employee was observed without a hairnet handling food.  Really? While the inspector is there? Food and non-food contact services not clean. On a previous visit the restaurant earned thirteen demerits for a score of 87. Food was not at the proper cold holding temp of 41 degrees. Food was found to not be separated and protected during preparation. Proper dates were missing from some food items. At this time they were told to secure CO2 canisters. It didn’t happen. The place was cited on the most recent inspection for the same thing. And once again, there was no labeling on food bins. The front restroom was inoperable due to ceiling damage. Establishment was given ten days to repair. Prior scores were an 88, 90 and an 88.

Most of these demerits are issued because the owners and managers do not appear to take the inspections seriously. Which means they don’t take your health and safety seriously. This is not rocket science. The rules are very clear.  The answers are right in front of you, just like our health and the money we spend in your businesses. You shouldn’t get one without providing the other.


Nelson City Dance Hall

Nelson City Texas is an unincorporated town that’s the home to none other than The Nelson City Dance Hall. They cater events like weddings, corporate parties and so on. On their last Health Department score, the establishment  received a 98 score, or as we say, the old Texas Two miss step. But hey, in anybody’s book, that’s pretty darn good. They missed the perfect score because some raw wood at the bar was not sealed. The hall was warned about this on a previous inspection but failed to follow through. They received the same outstanding score of 98 on that visit, too. Come on guys, get with it.

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