Bergmann wants your vote for Precinct 1 Commissioner

Christina Bergmann | County Commissioner, Precinct 1


Since my early teens, I have thought about community service.  I was probably 14 years of age when the idea of being a volunteer firefighter entered my head.  But the minimum age for being a firefighter was 16 and there were no women serving on the Boerne Volunteer Department. When I finally turned 16, I made history by becoming Boerne’s first female firefighter.  But I wanted to do more than just make history; I wanted to prove to the guys that I belonged there, that I could do the job, and do the job as good, if not better, than them.

Twenty-seven years later, I am still a volunteer firefighter.  I hold over a dozen different firefighting, emergency rescue, environmental clean-up and FEMA certifications.  The desire to serve and to always do the best that I can has carried over to other areas of my life as well.

After graduating from Boerne High School in 1993, I attended Texas State University (formerly Southwest Texas State University), where I earned my degree in Business Management.  Back then, I thought my life would take me to the big city; and it did, for a while.  I worked in San Antonio as an escrow assistant for a large title company.  But God had other plans for me.  My mom’s battle with cancer brought me back home to work in our family business, Bergmann Lumber. 

Because the Bergmanns are a founding family of Kendall County, and also because of my heritage, I applied to serve on the City of Boerne’s Historic Landmark Commission.  It was there that a new path of service would unfold for me.

Since my appointment to the Historic Landmark Commission, I was twice elected to serve on Boerne’s City Council, where I represented District 5.  After council, I ran for Precinct 1, County Commissioner, where I have served full time since 2017.  Additionally, I have been involved with the Kendall County Republican Women, where I served as Treasurer.  I am also a Trustee for the Cibolo Preserve, a board member of the Kendall County 100 Club and Kendall County’s sole representative for the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) Transportation Policy Board.

Whether as an elected official, an appointed official or a volunteer, I have worked diligently to preserve our county’s history, culture, and heritage.  But history should never be mistaken for a preservation of the status quo.  If it were, there would be no female firefighters. History is more than just a collection of stories and values from the past; it is something that we make.  I want to ensure a good future in our county for my children and your children.  I want to continue to build on our history and secure our future.  As a city councilwoman and a commissioner, I have had to make some difficult decisions.  But I have always considered what is best overall for the city or the county rather than what would be politically convenient or popular.  I ask that you grant me the opportunity to serve you once again.  I will be more than just your voice; I will be a hard-working advocate for your family and their future. 

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