Award winning BISD swim team and Boerne residents deserve a new pool

April 11, 2019 |Connie Clark, Contributing Writer

The Boerne City Park has many amenities for the residents of Boerne to utilize. There are multiple soccer fields, tennis courts and a swimming pool. In addition to the residents’ use and the City’s Park & Recreation activities, the pool is used for Boerne Independent School District (BISD) swim team training and competitions. 

The pool is the only one available in the area and it is in need of repairs. With the state-of-the-art Champion High School and other schools in BISD, a pool designed and designated for the competitive and award-winning swim team seems to be a necessity. 

“We are aware of the need in our district for a pool and are open to different options. An option we have discussed with Boerne YMCA officials is the possibility of our district leasing an aquatic facility from the YMCA if and when one is built. Once that is a reality we would revisit this option and any new options that are available at that time and weigh what is best for our district moving forward,” Stan Leech, BISD Athletic Director, commented.

Paul Giguere, Boerne Branch Executive Director at YMCA of Greater San Antonio stated, “It would cost about $2,000,000 for the Boerne Y to renovate its facility for a pool. We know the citizens want a new pool; it is part of the Boerne Park Master Plan. We’ll continue to follow up with the City, BISD, Kendall County and donors.”

Danny Zincke, Boerne Parks & Recreation Community Services Director offered, “There have been and continue to be discussions with YMCA, BISD, Kendall County and the City of Boerne on how we may all be able to fund a new pool or pools. This discussion has included multiple different options and locations. Some of this is discussed in the Parks Master Plan where the need is clearly defined and that discussion has continued to evolve.  

“Currently there are no funds allocated for the construction of a new facility or major renovation to the existing pool site. We continue to maintain the existing facility and it continues to be available to both BISD High Schools, two youth swims teams, water polo club, summer swim lessons, pool parties and open summer swim.

“The Parks Master Plan does identify the need and desire to build a new pool(s) as well as spray grounds. These projects are large and funding will need to be identified and approved by the City Council. We also continue to work will all possible partners to try and achieve this project in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.”

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