Letters to the Editor

Government Response to National Tragedies

It is very interesting watching the Republican’s response to Hurricane Harvey; especially after their disastrous actions with Hurricane Katrina. Will they get it right this time?

President Obama was leading the nation after Hurricane Sandy, then Sandy Hook and South Carolina’s tragedies. His sincere emotions for the victims of these tragedies spoke volumes.

His actions set a high bar for following administrations to follow; let’s hope they can measure up.

Richard Caldwell

Self-Induced Gas Panic of 2017

Most of us tend to be our own worse enemies.
The lines around convenience stores, HEB and Walmart the last few days were a real pain in the gas. But we have no one to blame but ourselves. If there was ever any doubt about the power of social media, well…

We actually got out of our vehicles and talked to each other, people we other wise would never meet. Many were lending a helping hand to strangers. Why does it seem we need tragedy and disruption for the best in us to come out. Why can’t we be good samaritans every day, regardless of the weather. Most people are dealing with things we can’t imagine.

As I think about our neighbors down at the coast and in Houston area, maybe a little inconvenience was just what we needed back here where we are safe and dry. Sure, I have the “Texas Strong” flag on my Facebook page, and sit watching all the flood videos from the comfort of my living room, I pray and donate money online for all those in harms way. That’s easy peasy. I truly admire those who risked so much more.

We need to appreciate what we have, all that we have. Not sure many of us do.

Maybe, just maybe a big fat dose of inconvenience will wake us up!

John Hopkins

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