Aaron Rodgers might force the Jets to sign three super-old Packers

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After the NFL Draft following the Aaron Rodgers deal, one of the Jets’ first actions was to sign wide receiver Randall Cobb. Here are even more retired Packers for New York to use as a quarterback.

The Jets have already signed two ex-Packers, even though quarterback Aaron Rodgers still needs to provide the team with a wish list of players he hoped to play alongside in New York during trade negotiations.

The first is Allen Lazard, which is a brilliant choice when you think about it. He has chemistry with Rodgers and is a more significant target for the New York passing game. However, the most recent was so outrageous that it made people laugh: the Jets signed longtime Packers slot receiver Randall Cobb to a deal in the week following the NFL Draft.

Yes, that Cobb, who will turn 33 this year and hasn’t played more than 13 games since 2010, hasn’t topped 40 receptions or 450 yards in any of the past three seasons.

Since the Jets have already shown interest in Marcedes Lewis, it’s clear that Rodgers is bringing some of his old friends from the Packers to New York.

If that’s the case, let’s throw ourselves headfirst into it like we’re attempting to walk against a gale. Forget Garrett Wilson, the Jets have landed a few more grizzled veterans of the Packers’ roster that Aaron Rodgers can bring with them.

Older former Packers players whom Aaron Rodgers can persuade the Jets to sign are:

Third, James Jones

At first, Donald Driver would top this list, but then we saw how ineffective he was when playing alongside Aaron Rodgers for the Packers. James Jones is an indescribable player.

Jones was chosen by Green Bay the year before Rodgers replaced Favre as quarterback, but he quickly bonded with the team’s new leader. After a lacklustre 2008 year, Jones established himself as an offensive mainstay for the Packers. His breakout 2012 campaign, in which he caught 64 receptions for 784 yards and an NFL record 14 touchdowns, is the best example.

The Jones-Rodgers amendment should be preserved if the Jets care about points. With 45 (41 in the regular season and 4 in the playoffs), Jones has the fourth-most touchdown receptions from Rodgers of anyone in the quarterback’s career. Welcome to the New York offence!

In addition, Jones is still relatively young at 39. They are very young. Don’t let the fact that he hasn’t played in the NFL since 2015 dampen your enthusiasm about celebrating your next milestone birthday in the Big Apple with Aaron Rodgers, a hoodie and all.

Jennings, Greg, No. 2

How could Gumby possibly not be a fan of a player who would put the team on his back with a broken freakin’ leg?

Like Jones, Greg Jennings last played in the NFL in the 2015 season. Having spent the final three years of his career with the Vikings and Dolphins, Jennings last played with Rodgers in 2012. The Jets should consider the 39-year-old an option since ten years is too long to keep these two apart.

When Aaron Rodgers became the Packers starting quarterback in 2008, Greg Jennings quickly became his closest ally on the field. From 2008 to 2011, Jennings played 17 games per season alongside the quarterback and averaged 81 catches, 1,287 yards, and nine touchdowns. He was a multi-dimensional nightmare for opposing defences and the unquestioned top offensive option for Green Bay.

Jennings has caught 42 touchdown passes from the new Jets quarterback in his career, including 38 in the regular season and 4 in the playoffs. Only Jones has more than Rodgers.

Jennings, Jones, Rodgers, and even Cobb have a lot of shared history that would be fun to reminisce about. Even though Jennings’s age of almost 40 has made him a worse football player, the Packers’ Hall of Fame entrant from last year will only feel right once he reunites with his longtime quarterback in New York.

First, Jordy Nelson

Taking away Jordy Nelson, what is Aaron Rodgers? While Rodgers has worked with many different No. 1 receivers during his time with the Packers, none have been as productive as Nelson in the passing game.

Nelson has more touchdown receptions from Rodgers than any other receiver in the quarterback’s career. Nelson, who was drafted in the second round the same year that Rodgers took over as Green Bay’s starting quarterback, played with Rodgers for a decade and caught a ridiculous number of touchdown passes (65 in the regular season alone) while partnered up with him.

In addition to his three seasons with at least 13 touchdown receptions, Nelson had four seasons with over 1,250 receiving yards.

The best news, though, for the Jets? Jordy Nelson has plenty of life left in him at the ripe old age of 37. It’s not worth worrying that he was a shadow of his former self in his final season with Green Bay and in his last season in the NFL with the Raiders. In this case, the fact that he knows Aaron Rodgers is more important than anything else.

Jordy Nelson is necessary for our New York reunion to be compared to what it may have been.

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